Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Well I can't believe it but Sarah and I officially finished college.  It is surreal just thinking about it.  Four years have come and gone just like that.  Everyday I hear the words of the wise running through my mind "Cherish every moment for time only goes by faster the older you get."  What a blessing it was to be at The Masters College.   It was humbling to reflect back over the years and think of all that God brought into my life, the good and the bad, and how the events shaped me.  Honestly God is incredible.  Each day I am reminded of how much I must rely upon him as I am completely inadequate without him, I am a fool.   He has been so good to me.  At the moment I am still on crutches, but today while at physical therapy I rode a bike and walked without crutches and my brace. Ah it was so exciting and at the same time so weird and tripy and crazy and I could go on and on.  Learning to walk again is strange and yet such a blessing.  The fact that I get to walk again and I have gotten to reflect or be reminded of all that I took and continually take for granted.  So many say I am so sorry about your injury and most of the time deep down I am like me to, this is not fun; but then there are those moments when I realize my injury is nothing compared to what most go through.  The world is full of misery with cancer, disease, disabilities, etc.  I am one of the blessed ones.  How often I forget this and what a shame.  It just shows the selfish/self-centered human I am.  I pray that God would continue to put me in my place, reveal the sin in my life, and allow me to be a light to those around me.  Praise God for all he has done.

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